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     I chose the BMW Z4 M Coupe as my dual purpose sport/track car because of its superior chassis and driving style. As an owner of an E39 M5 I was looking for a lighter, more nimble vehicle for track use. I considered many, from the Saleen S7 to the E30 M3. The Z4 M Coupe had the best combination of performance, safety, comfort and reliability.

     The low production numbers of the Z4 M Roadster and Z4 M Coupe have made it difficult to find quality aftermarket parts. When possible we relied upon vendors of known high quality. In other cases BMS modified or invented their own. We chose to modify characteristics of the M Coupe's performance based on my track testing at various stages of development. Current testing centers around the ESS CFR500 supercharger system and possible data acquisition and aerodynamic upgrades.

     I thought Scatha was a fitting name for my M Coupe, as it references the female tutor of Cuchulain (who shares much in common with Beowulf's tales) and that I bought this M Coupe to expose my faults and help me learn about the art of driving. Also, all my cars have been named after women and all three of my BMWs' names reference dragons. In this case, Scatha is also the name of a mythical Babylonian creator dragon and makes an appearance in J.R.R. Tolkien's works as the "long-worm" of the Grey Mountains.

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